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Sometimes a platonic friendship forms first and tension builds under the surface until an unexpected kiss lights the friendship on fire. It goes on like this for a while, but as the months pass, you notice things changing. The perfect person you found starts to say and do imperfect things. Some of those funny quirks you adored early on seem to be striking you as more annoying than funny. And it starts to dawn on you that you might be dating a fucking dick. Sometimes things go further south, as butterflies and rainbows turn into frustration and disillusionment, and the relationship that used to lift you up seems to now be boxing you in.

GreedFall: How to trigger romance and choose an NPC partner

Begin Task 1 by attending Potions Class. There is apparently a Doxy infestation in the Slytherin Common Room and Doxycide Potion is needed to be brewed from memory. Answer the following question from Professor Snape:.

All assignment due date times are in Central Standard Time (CST). To be scored as correct, an answer must be within 1% of the computer’s answer (except for.

Persona 5 has you living the life of an ordinary student by day, which means you have to go to class, answer questions, and do exams. The full Personal 5 answers list, along with the text of the questions can also be found below the cheat sheet. Answering questions correctly will increase your Knowledge by one point. You will also gain Knowledge points if you do well on your exams.

We have also listed the minimum required Knowledge rank to get above the class average in the spreadsheet below. The following cheat sheet contains every answer to questions asked during classes, midterms, and final exams in Persona 5.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey romance guide: Odessa, Auxesia, Daphnae, Alkibiades, Kyra

Jump to navigation. Throughout your GreedFall playthrough you can recruit, befriend, and in some cases even romance a core cast of NPC companions, each with their own personalities, backstories, and desires. Below we break down which companions can be romanced, the conditions you need to meet for wooing them, and the benefits you unlock for gaining their trust or capturing their hearts.

Original Story Walkthrough · Date Night With Look at Brittney’s dating profile on the computer [But the key to the liquor cabinet is lost, right?].

Newbie Guide. Answers Spreadsheet. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4. Year 5 Year 6 Year 7. Bug Discussion Info Question Suggestion. You’ve been to the Celestial Ball, but as spring turns to summer and your fifth fourth school year draws to a close, it’s time to get to know one of your friends a little more closely and off-campus! Conquer those butterflies, ask out your crush, and hope you can get through the day without fear-puking all over your shoes. This post and its comments, I hope are a way to help everybody with the sidequest in order to give them helpful tips for the tasks that are in the sidequest.

This can only be done if everybody helps by posting a comment detailing any relevant info that they may have. I will keep it updated as much as possible. Correct answer: Dragon liver. Correct answer: Two horns. And the dialogue for most of it I basically have a choice of losing sleep or using gems to even attempt to finish this on time

The Marriage Decision: Everything Forever or Nothing Ever Again

Error messages from the EID system have “utdirect. We cannot address those. Contact your instructor with specific details about your issues. Login not working after a second EID is issued When EIDs are merged, your access to Quest will be interrupted until we can update your profile information.

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This adventure is available to students of Year 4 and above. Once unlocked, you have 4 days and 20 hours to complete it. When you start, head to the Potions Classroom for your first task. The correct answer is Dragon Liver. To do so, you need to earn at least one out of five possible stars within an hour. If you are looking to save some energy, it is recommended to earn a single star and then let the timer expire.

This will save you up to 20 energy, which is certainly handy since the adventure is time limited. The entire class will chuckle at this, and Merula will be especially happy to see you embarrassed in front of everyone. You have three options to respond to her. In any case, you have the flying class next, so proceed to the Training Grounds when you are ready.

First Date Adventure

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. At the beginning of Chapter 14 , a dating event will occur where Cloud visits Aerith’s garden at night.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Walkthrough for Part One of First Date If you completed Crushed Side Quest, she’ll mention it. The correct answer is two.

How were deputies to the Constitutional Convention chosen? They were appointed by the legislatures of the different States. Were there any restrictions as to the number of deputies a State might send? Which State did not send deputies to the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Were the other twelve States represented throughout the Constitutional Convention?

Two of the deputies from New York left on July 10, , and after that Hamilton, the third deputy, when he was in attendance did not attempt to cast the vote of his State. The New Hampshire deputies did not arrive until July 23, ; so that there never was a vote of more than eleven States. Where and when did the deputies to the Constitutional Convention assemble? The meeting was called for May 14, , but a quorum was not present until May About how large was the population of Philadelphia?

Where to find the chronically out-of-stock Oculus Quest

Ancient Greeks might have preferred open-toed sandals, but they sure knew a lot about knocking boots. In this conversation, you have to pick certain answers to be successful and open up the next quest line. When you get to Megaris, travel to the southeast section of the area — the Valley of King Lelex — and find the Port of Nisaia on the coast.

Throughout your conversations with Odessa try to pick the romance answers that have hearts next to them, but the most important thing is that you agree to help her with her troubles.

at QUEST, Nawabshah. Date of Purchase: to , Opening: HEC Digital Library. QUEST Digital Library (Repository) (​Accessible within QUEST Premises) QUEST Nawabshah, All Rights Reserved.

Hi all. I’m Rayme Vinson, a designer here on Apex Legends, and today I get to tell you about something new we’ve been cooking up for Season Season 5 of Apex Legends is a big one! Season 5 introduces our first Quest to Apex Legends – a season-long search to find nine pieces of a mysterious artifact. These were received well by players and fun for us on the Apex Legends Team to make. That was the spark that got us talking about, sketching, and developing what you’ll get to play now.

Treasure Packs are a new lootable item that you can find in competitive matches of Apex Legends. The catch is that you can only collect one of these a day. If you come across another that day, ping it for your friends! There are 45 packs to collect this season, and each one can contain Crafting Metals, BattlePass XP, Apex Packs, or the ability to play a new weekly Hunt for the next piece of the artifact.

These are quick and dangerous incursions into Kings Canyon at Night. But it might not be so easy. Complete each Hunt to earn your next piece of the artifact, an exclusive Weapon Charm , and a new chapter in the ongoing story of “The Broken Ghost”.

Introducing “The Broken Ghost” Season Quest

Here’s where you can find it right now. The Oculus Quest , the runaway hit VR headset that’s been largely unavailable from any retailer since the holidays, is finally coming back in stock. That’s great news for VR fans. Oculus last year rolled out a hand-tracking update that makes it possible for developers to create games that don’t require controllers, and the Oculus Link software and cable enables the Quest to be tethered to a PC and play games written for the HTC Vive.

Below, we’ve listed all of the game’s correct answers in order of date. Please note​: Persona 5 Royal features both completely different and.

The purpose of this guide is to give you information about how the game chooses Cloud ‘s date the second time you get to the Gold Saucer. There are four characters that can go on the date: Aeris , Tifa , Yuffie and as odd as it may seem Barret. Each of these characters, throughout the course of disc 1, has an hidden parameter that we will call “affinity” with Cloud. This parameter changes during the game for each character, and can go up and down depending on two factors: your responses when given multiple choices questions, and the composition of your party at certain stages of the game.

When the date event occurs, the character who has the highest affinity with Cloud goes on the date with him. Each of the four characters has a starting affinity: Aeris has the highest, then Tifa, then Yuffie – finally, Barret has the lowest. This means that if you don’t work to change your affinity levels, you will probably end up dating Aeris, or possibly Tifa. To ensure that you will have the date you want, this guide is divided into four chapters, each describing the general behaviour you must have, and important actions to take in order to date this character.

Dating Aeris is easy, as she has the highest starting affinity of all, by far. However, Tifa can be a threat to this date if you are not careful. General Guidelines When you have to create a party, always take Aeris and always leave Tifa aside except when you don’t have a choice, at the early stages of the game.

This alone should make it so that Aeris is chosen, but it doesn’t hurt to overdo it, so read on.


It is sponsored by VA Tech Wabag, an Indian multinational company, pioneering in sustainable water solutions. Namami Gange is supporting Ganga Quest by providing necessary administrative and knowledge support. NMCG has taken several initiatives for engaging youth and school children to connect people to the Namami Gange programme, including Meri Ganga Quiz in collaboration with Doordarshan.

It is not only a competitive knowledge building platform but also an awareness initiative and scientific baseline determination exercise to assess the knowledge gaps and attitude orientation about Ganga and Rivers. The participants will enhance their knowledge about rivers and environment.

And it starts to dawn on you that you might be dating a fucking dick. To help right the wrong, society will begin to apply pressure on the A litmus test that always yields the answer “We should get married” is a bad litmus test. the conclusion that you need to break up and continue your quest for The One.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy. Email Address. Sign In. Towards efficient supercomputing: a quest for the right metric Abstract: Over the past decade, we have been building less and less efficient supercomputers, resulting in the construction of substantially larger machine rooms and even new buildings.

In addition, because of the thermal power envelope of these supercomputers, a small fortune must be spent to cool them. These infrastructure costs coupled with the additional costs of administering and maintaining such unreliable supercomputers dramatically increases their total cost of ownership. As a result, there has been substantial interest in recent years to produce more reliable and more efficient supercomputers that are easy to maintain and use. But how does one quantify efficient supercomputing?

That is, what metric should be used to evaluate how efficiently a supercomputer delivers answers?

Final Fantasy VII Guides

There is a scene that occurs during a playthrough at the end of Disc 1 when the team returns to Gold Saucer. This scene involves the main character of the game, Cloud, going out on a date with one of the other characters. Who he goes out with is largely dependent on choices that you make throughout the game. Throughout the Jegged. Decisions that you make as you playthrough the game, including whom you talk to and how you answer their questions, are pointed out as they come up.

Go to the Parliament of Canada website () to find the answers to five questions. Good luck! 1. When did women get the right to vote in Canadian federal elections? 2. Name one (Look under “Birth date” in the A–Z Index.) 2.

King’s Quest is a graphic adventure game series created by the American software company Sierra Entertainment. It is widely considered a classic series from the golden era of adventure games. Following the success of its first installments, the series was primarily responsible for building the reputation of Sierra. Roberta Williams , co-founder and former co-owner of Sierra, designed all of the King’s Quest games until the series’ reboot in The King’s Quest series chronicles the saga of the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry through their various trials and adventures.

The story takes place over two generations and across many lands as the heroes and heroines fight villains such as evil witches and wizards. The world of King’s Quest encompasses many different kingdoms and supernatural realms. The main characters in the series are King Graham, originally a knight of Daventry who won the throne of the kingdom through questing, and members of his family: his wife Queen Valanice and his twin son and daughter, Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella.

The exception is King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity , where the protagonist is Connor of Daventry, a tanner and a knight like Graham from the first game who is unrelated to the royal family. The later sequels have more elaborate story lines, more complicated puzzles, and more original and well-developed characters.